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Trusted globally for top-quality products like Zinc Diecast Fitting, Double Wall Corrugated Duct, Electrical Metallic Tube, etc.

About Us

We, United Power have great experience in engineering excellence and have been presenting various technically advanced products in the marketplace. With the greatest quality and pleasant service, we have been receiving immense appreciation from the customers. Back in the year 2003 our company was established and since then, we have been a globally renowned manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler and exporter of various high-end products. Intermediate Metal Conduit, Stainless Steel Flexible Conduit, Double Wall Corrugated Duct, GI Conduit Fitting, Industrial Brass Fittings, etc., are some products included in our vast collection, all of which are priced economically. We communicate and collaborate with various institutions during the growth of our company, and our output has substantially increased. Every month, our outputs reaches to over 1.5 million meters.

Zero Tolerance Policy

We in our company follow a strict zero tolerance policy which us serve our customers with the best. All our employees are trained to adhere to stringent quality standards throughout the company. We also believe in remaining ethical at all times so that we can earn the trust of our customers. Additionally, we enforce zero tolerance policy in the below mentioned aspects:

  • We never prepare false data.
  • We never give false statement or concealing truth.
  • We never share confidential information.
  • We never favor suppliers for personal interest.
  • We never supply defective products to customers.
  • We never work against the interest of the organization.
  • We never commit theft of any kind.
  • We never encourage employees against management.

Quality Policy

It is beyond a doubt that most customers asses the quality of products provided by a manufacturing company and keeping this in mind, we have formed a quality policy according to which we carry out our production processes. Throughout the development of product range which includes, Stainless Steel Flexible Conduit, GI Conduit Fitting, Intermediate Metal Conduit, Industrial Brass Fittings, Double Wall Corrugated Duct, etc., we maintain the best quality standards. Moreover, the principles of our quality policy are as follows:

  • To always listen to customers to ensure sustainable enhancement of their satisfaction.
  • To commit ourselves towards the management and employees.
  • To ensure complete transparency in our communication with the stakeholders.
  • To prioritize on systematic measurement and communication of performance.
  • To keep controlling and improving our procedures, products and services.
  • To recogize exemplary behaviour.
  • To share our quality policy with our internal and external partners.

Packaging & Logistic

For the packaging of our products, we have been using shrink-wrapped, 5-ply corrugated box coupled with foolproof packaging process, which is of export quality. Moreover, our packaging system helps in the following:

  • Creating moisture barriers and inhibitors.
  • Placing cushioning material to protect from shock and vibration.
  • Labeling the items to make them easier to identify and avoid mishandling.
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